Feb 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day from VetStem!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to our loyal readers!  We wanted to do something special for this love-filled day, so we thought we’d introduce you to some of our four-legged best friends.  Our pets bring so much love and joy into our lives, why not dedicate a blog to them?!  Read below to meet some of our furry friends!

“This is Bella.  She’s a 13-year-old Yorkie-Poo and she is the Queen of the house.  She greets us every day with the exuberance of a puppy and as if we’ve been gone forever.  We love her like crazy!” -Tracy, VetStem Buyer

“I know that no matter how bad of a day I have had, I can always count on one of my cats to come sit on my lap and make me feel needed and loved.” Kristi, Director of Commercial Operations

Pyewacket and Scarf (Super Doofus Oriental Shorthair)
Phini (Oriental Shorthair)

“Ben is not only my hiking companion, he also serves to alert me to the presence of rattlesnakes when on the trail.  He’s a great hiker and even carries all of his own supplies in his pack.” Dr. Bob Harman, CEO

Ben (Border Collie)

“These are my sweet 6-month-old kittens, Zipper and Buttons. They are two rowdy little boys who love to eat, sleep, and get into trouble. I love them because they take my stress away. They are there on good days and bad and always seem to have a way of making me smile, especially when they purr.” Madalene, Laboratory Manager


“Providing a safe area outside for Frankie, my Maine Coon, is one of the many ways I show him I love him.” Sue, Director of Clinical Development

“These three fuzzy creatures love unconditionally.  Willow is such a good guard dog and the cats just sleep and cuddle all day.  They are so good with our rowdy toddler, despite all of her poking and prodding and attempts to ‘ride’ them.  We loved them before she came, and we love them even more now for being the best big sisters/brother a baby could ask for!”  Ashley, Marketing Coordinator

Pius (orange and white) and Portia (tortie)
Willow (Chocolate Lab)

“This is Kodiak, a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd.  What is great about him is he’s constantly wanting to be active and always excited to play catch or go on a hike!” Jon, Laboratory Assistant

“Born about one month apart, these two boys are brothers from another mother.  Jasper makes the greatest faces.  Koda is a big lover – and totally food driven.” Carolyn, COO

Koda (white Lab), Jasper (light brown Lab)

“My five cats make my life better by providing affection and entertainment. I can’t imagine sitting on the couch and not being covered in cats.  We call our five dogs our herd of herders. There is never a dull moment at our house, as at least one of them is up to some sort of mischief at all times- except when they’re all sleeping!” Whitney, Customer Service Representative

Flynn (mini Aussie), Brogan (Aussie mix), Piper (Border Collie), Luca (Australian Shepherd), and Duncan (Mini Aussie)
Kolohe, Lilly, Squirrel, Keone, and Ali’I

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