Feb 15, 2011

Dr. Marty Becker Launches Stem Cell Therapy at His Practice

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Dr. Marty Becker is truly “America’s Veterinarian.”  He has been a regular on Good Morning America and he is the resident veterinarian on “The Dr. Oz Show.”  Dr. Marty also is the pet expert for the AARP!  Dr. Marty visited the Vet-Stem laboratory after giving a keynote lecture at the Central Veterinary Conference in San Diego.  His vision for the future of veterinary medicine is truly inspiring and we have developed a friendship over the last year.

After visiting Vet-Stem, Dr. Marty asked that we provide training for him, Dr. Bruce King at the Lakewood Animal Hospital in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and Dr. Robert Pierce and his staff at the North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho.  The trip was spectacular and both practices were impressive.  Dr. King has a unique personalized approach to each patient that was custom made for stem cell therapy.  Dr. Tim McCarthy, a prominent arthroscopic surgeon, accompanied me and provided the fat collection and joint injection training at the Lakewood Animal Hospital for both Dr. Becker and Dr. King.  We spent two full days and provided training and oversight for the treatment of four of Dr. King’s patients.  Read more on Marty Becker’s facebook

Those of you that follow this blog realize that we have helped over 3,000 vets in the US become credentialed in stem cell medicine and that over 7,000 horses and dogs have been treated over the last 7 years!  Many of their incredible stories are posts in this blog.

Vet-Stem is going to be one of the sponsors of the bus tour for Dr. Becker’s new book, “Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual,” this spring.   “I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the great folks there lately. I’m very excited about the potential of this new therapy to help these four and uncountable other dogs struggling with painful arthritis and injuries” says Dr. Becker in his recent blog.

Keep on the watch for the upcoming national bus tour by Dr. Becker.  His knowledge of the history and his vision for the future of veterinary medicine will be the centerpiece of the national tour and Vet-Stem is proud to be a sponsor and contributor to this effort to educate owners about the incredible advancements in veterinary medicine.  What a marvelous time to be involved in the care and treatment of all of our pets!


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