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Dec 31, 2009

Ben Ealing, DVM success treating dogs with stem cells

Dr. Ben Ealing has been performing stem cell therapy treatment for dogs since early November 2008. In the eight months he’s been performing this therapy, he’s seen very positive results.

One of our earliest cases is a dog named Sunshine. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 25, 2009

Five quick tips for dog owners to avoid Lyme Disease from ticks

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In our previous post (See post on November 21, 2009) we discussed other causes of arthritis in dogs such as Lyme Disease.  Since Lyme Disease is a tick borne disease, here are five quick tips you can use to help your dog avoid an infection disease caused by ticks:

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Nov 21, 2009

Ticks and Arthritis in dogs

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In a previous post I listed the main causes of arthritis in dogs. (See post from November 2, 2009 on this blog).  Aside from those, there are other reasons for arthritis, deserving of their own post.  These include immune mediated arthritis (similar to the human version called Rheumatoid Arthritis) and infectious reasons for arthritis.  For example, in different parts of the country, such as the Eastern Seaboard, if you were to take your dog to the vet for limping, your veterinarian may check for infectious diseases such as Lyme and Anaplasmosis.  Lyme Disease (and not Lime Disease) is a tick borne disease that can give your dog swollen joints, shifting leg lameness and can cause them to feel pretty down and out.

Most common signs of Lyme disease:

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Sep 24, 2009

Quality of Life

How does it feel to get your dog back to a more comfortable quality of life? We asked pet owners whose dogs had received stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis how their dogs quality of life changed? The results are in!

Greater than 80% of dogs showed an improved quality of life according to owners and veterinarians and 85% said they would refer Vet-Stem cell therapy to a friend.

Many stories we hear from owners range from “now my dog can go outside by himself unassisted” to “you gave me my puppy back!”

What are some things that you wish your dog could do again?

Sep 2, 2009

Dogs helped by adult stem cells in Grand Junction, CO

Dr. Marquis and Yeoman, an Australian Cattle Dog

Dr. Marquis and Yeoman

Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Marquis and Yeoman

Dr. Bob Marquis of Tiara Rado Animal Hospital is using cutting-edge medicine to treat arthritis and other joint problems in large breed dogs. In the past year, he has treated nearly 20 dogs using intra-articular injection of their own adult stem cells. “We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what stem cells can do and it’s really exciting,” Marquis said. “Our work has all been very positive for these animals with no negative effects so far,” Marquis said.

Marquis hopes that some day stem cells will become widely used in veterinarian medicine. He stays well educated on new medical procedures, explaining that already researchers are finding new ways to treat kidney and liver disease using stem cells. It could become a valuable tool for doctors to treat disease in animals.

Read the full story to learn more about fat derived stem cells to treat arthritis in dogs, and their potential to treat other diseases.