Apr 23, 2014

A Dog’s Elbow Dysplasia Pain is Relieved with Stem Cells

I am always thrilled to hear success stories from owners and am excited to be able to share with you Whisper’s story.

“Seven years old and she’s still kicking butt and taking names! Two osteotomies, two surgeries, two stem cell therapies… AMAZING, this little dog!!!”

That’s what Elise recently commented on her now-7-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, on Whisper’s banking renewal form.  Here at Vet-Stem we bank stem cells for future uses.  Whisper was a very special case, done way back in 2009.  She received stem cell therapy, after multiple surgeries and significant pain medications failed to provide relief. This relief lasted for 2 years when she had another treatment using some of her stored stem cells.

Prior to Vet-Stem Cell Therapy she had elbow dysplasia (medial compartmental disease) with OCD and was on a daily dose of NSAID and tramadol to try to relieve the substantial pain. All activities were limited due to pain, including playing, walking, running and obedience work. Whisper was retired from agility, disc and flyball and her owner even considered euthanasia.

Elise had said at one time that Whisper “endured surgery, medication and physio but it was so clear that her quality days were winding down” and that she wasn’t sure she’d make it to her 3rd birthday.

Read more about Whisper’s story, and why Elise thought adding stem cell therapy to orthopedic surgery was amazing.

On August 9, 2012 Whisper celebrated her 6th birthday and Elise expressed, “Everyday Whisper and I take a minute to thank those who have made her who she is: a crazy retired cow dog who loves going for walks in the bush, swimming in the pool, playing retired agility with her mom and watching over her kingdom from the porch.”

“Whisper and I are so incredibly thankful that you are able to give us so much time together, Elise wrote, “We celebrate 6 amazing years together and look forward to the future!”

Here we are, at 7 ½ years old and Whisper’s 5th anniversary of stem cell therapy:

“Whisper (on the far left) will be 8 this summer and she is still tugging with the Malinois, the Border Collie, and me. Everyday occurrence during her forest run!  We wouldn’t be here without Vet-Stem!”

Whisper has a long and promising life ahead of her… the perfect reason to bank stem cells.


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